Corrosion X on stainless question

Porter McRoberts

A question if you would re Corosion X and Stainless.

I am, as likely many are on this forum, a fan of Corrosion X. It has proven invaluable in he last couple of years on he boat. So using the “if it’s good here it must be good everywhere logic”, and knowing one of the problem areas of rigging is the lower swages we sprayed it into the open swages before we left the boat to displace moisture and hopefully deter water ingress there. But now I’m thinking about the nature of stainless steel and the metal’s, for lack of a better understanding, need for oxygen exposure. Perhaps I didn’t do the right thing. Any thoughts on this matter? Any metallurgists out there?

Many thanks

Porter McRoberts
S/V IBIS A54-152

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