Corrosion on stainless

Duane Siegfri

In both heads there is a small bar with three hooks next to the sinks.  These have pitting due to corrosion.  I checked and they are not magnetic, so I thought they might be solid stainless rather than chrome.  I started to sand with some fine wet/dry and went right through the shiny stuff to what appears to be brass colored metal.  I suppose I'll just buy some spray paint labeled "chrome" but thought I would check to see what others here might have done.

I have the same pitting on the head door hinges and the "strong points" in the cockpit for the harness tether.  Does anyone know if the harness tether strong point is solid stainless?  I would hate to start sanding them to find they are chrome plated bronze.

Wanderer, SM#477

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