Parasailor on A54

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

I just purchased a used Parasailor (169sq meters) for my A54 and had a bit of trouble flying it the first time, going dead downwind. With our rolling, the Parasail tacks/foot area was chafing against the rolled up Genoa as it rolled with the swell and when we tried to ease the sheets/guys to fly it out further forward, the Parasailor rose up rather than going further forward.

Per the suggestion of the seller, another A54 owner, for DDW I ran the port/starboard guys to the Genoa car, which was positioned as far forward as possible. The guy lines then went to the staysail turning block and then the big cockpit winches. The sheets went directly from the Parasailor clews to the Genoa turning blocks and then the small cockpit winches. 

I believe a solution would be to run the guy lines down to the bow roller area, which is what the attached official Parasailor instructions specify. Now the question is where on the A54. On the attached photo of my bow area, I believe a solution would be to put two blocks on the ring that I'm holding, circled in red. That ring is attached via webbing to two shackles to the bow roller. Normally I attach the code zero furler to that and it works great. Perhaps with this solution, I can jibe the Parasailor as per the attached instructions. Thoughts?

Another idea I'm less excited about is to attach it to the liferails. When I purchased the boat, the previous owner had two blocks attached to the little welded loops far forward on the life rails, circled in blue - what he used them for, I'm not sure. And well, his English isn't great, so difficult to ask. My thinking is that these welded loops are definitely not strong enough and even if I attached the blocks to the forward end of the life rails, I'm not sure the whole life rail assembly and attachment system is strong enough.

The final solution is what Dmitris (Alma Libre Too) did which is have a bow roller extension added. I don't like that solution as I use the bow roller for the anchor rode snubber and also attachment lines for mooring balls, as you can see in this photo from our current location in Bonaire. A bow roller extension would interfere with these lines as the boat rotates.

I have how seen Ashia, an SM2K did it, but I don't think we can attach directly to the shackles at the bottom of the webbing strop you see in the photo, as that may rub on the teak bow seat. I read Joerg's post about it but perhaps he and others can chime in on how they would do it on my setup?

Thanks all!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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