Re: Sidepower SP 155 TCi needed

Scott SV Tengah


I went through that same replacement.

The commutator vanes on my SP 155 TCi motor cracked and ate a set of new 200 euro brushes in about a week. The motor repair shop said it'd be difficult to repair and they couldn't guarantee it would work. I went for the SE170 for about 2200 euros if I remember right.

It's almost, but not quite a direct fit. The solenoids have moved to the front, which requires you to cut a bit of the floor of the bow locker to allow them to move up and down freely. Sounds scarier than it is. Then you have to re-route the battery cables to accommodate the new location AND secure it to the front edge of the bow thruster compartment floor. This is to prevent the battery cables from being crushed underneath the motor when the BT is lowered. I used two sets of bungees and a backup set of line. Definitely overkill but the downside to those big 95mm2 wires getting pierced and shorting is pretty hefty. 

Finally, you will need to move the staircase cover about 6cm towards the bow. Easily done with wood. 

Overall, if you can fix the. SP155, do that. But if you have to install the SP170, ping me and I can send you pics of my installation.

The sad thing about this whole operation is that it worked great for a while but now the BT is intermittent! I cleaned the joystick switch, replaced the "BT down" switch, replaced the on/off switch in the bow locker, tested the on/off switch at the helm to no avail. Alban tells me that "it's not that important" and I could spend a ton of time searching for the problem. :/

I do have both the wiring diagram and the schematic for the BT if you want it. Got it from Alban.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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