Re: A54 VHF antenna Make/Model

Scott SV Tengah

Original was a Banten, can't recall the model number. Just climb on up the mast and take a look!

I do know that the wiring is integrated into the antenna - there is no connector you can disconnect on the antenna side.

The 5215 combined with RG-8X has been a godsend in that I have received coast guard VHF transmissions nearly 200 miles offshore and from St. Anne in Martinique, I could hear Rodney Bay marina staff (20nm away) conversing with ARC participants arriving after their transat. Earlier, I could barely converse with a crew member with a VHF handheld 1/2 nm away. Note I replaced the super thin RG58X all the way from the antenna to the VHF head unit.

It also connected my rigging with my bonding system, which Amel started doing in 2009. I believe Amel selected the Banten because the attachment is isolated from the coax ground foil, but given their current philosophy on bonding the rigging, that's not necessary nor advisable anymore. This rigging-bonding connected revealed an electrical leak that was eating my Bamar EJF-1 aluminum casing but didn't show up on the Mass+/- tester prior. FYI - the source of the leak was the bow nav light wires and the starboard windlass motor. 

Here are some reasoned thoughts on VHF antennas:

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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