Re: Parasailor on A54

Joerg Esdorn

Hi Scott, a few thoughts.  

1. I agree with you that the bow pulpit is not strong enough to take the load of the guys.   

2.  I would do what you are suggesting - use the ring - with a few twists.  When you are flying the Parasailor on a broad reach or downwind, the guys will be pulled forward and the strap will chafe on your bow seat.  I think you will need to take that seat off.  Alternatively, you will need to attach a third strop to the ring and lead it to a point aft so that it prevents the ring from moving forward.  Or, mount a stainless strip that has a rigid eye above and aft of the board.  

3. Rather than using blocks, you should use rings like the Antal rings I use.  Cheaper and they don’t bang around.  See the pic I posted.  

4. If you use the Tacker, you don’t need the guys at all.  I really like the Tacker since it stabilizes the sail a lot and simplifies rigging the sail.  The downside is that it puts loads on a small part of the forestay foil and chafes on the rolled up Genoa   I think only time will tell whether this is a problem.  Lots of people use the Tacker for their cruising chutes so I suspect its ok   

5.  To prevent the leeward sheet from rising too high, you may need a barberhauler.  I use an opening eye over the sheet attached to a line run to one of the cleats on the leeward side deck for this.  

I have posted pictures of the setup on my boat which may help you.  I also have a video I could send you.  I hope this helps.  Cheers. Joerg 

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53

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