Water in far forward cubby in V berth


Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great holiday and sailing season.

we have just discovered very damp carpeting in the open storage space all the way forward on the port side of the V Berth (next to the shelves over the bow thruster).  The water is mostly on the forward wall shared by the port bow locker (where the security rope comes thru to cleat the locker hatch down.)  It is salty to taste.  The bow locker is dry (for the first time in two years since I replaced the seals ;-)> ).

Needless to say the mildew is already starting to grow.

Other than we vacuuming the carpet as best I can, and treating for mold, would you do anything else to the carpeting?

Any ideas where this water might be getting in?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Happy New Year!
Kent & Iris
S/V Kristy SM 243
Palm Beach FL heading S

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