Re: Recommentation for Sharki second autopilot

Matt Salatino

Great advice.
Exactly what we do, except for selling it later. We let our spare go with the boat when we sold it.
We found all of the components, used, but serviceable, on line....


On Dec 29, 2019, at 9:35 AM, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

There are 5 components to your Raymarine autopilot system:
Control Head
Course Computer
Drive Unit
Fluxgate Compass
Rudder Reference

A failure of any component can cause the system to fail. Individual components are easy and fast to install. Maybe you should consider having one of each of the components ready to go. You will likely have to search for a used Control Head and Computer, and can probably find the other components in new condition. 

The used components can probably always be sold again for what you will pay for them. What I suggest is like "renting" a backup system at zero cost. 


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On Sun, Dec 29, 2019, 6:36 AM Volker <Puchta@...> wrote:
Dear all,
hope everyone did have a great Chrismas and will have a good start into 2020.

We are starting to prepare our Sharki for the long passage from Europe to the Caribbean. Up to now we have sailed her in the Netherlands and Baltic sea and the installed Autohelm ST6000 autopilot worked quite well. But crossing an ocean, I think we should have a second backup system. Especially as we are a small crew of just two persons.
I know that Amel did install on the bigger models two autopilots, but I have never seen a second autopilot installed on a Sharki. The space in the aft cabin next to the rudder quadrat is quite limited. Even when a compact drive unit Like the Jefa DD15 may fit in, I am not sure whether it will work smoothly.
We also thought about wind pilots, but also not sure there as mizzen boom seems to long and may hit the wind vane.

Would be great to get some input from other Sharki owers
Best regards,

S/Y MickMoon - Sharki #176

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