Re: Recommentation for Sharki second autopilot

marty hameline

Hi warren,
What Windvane do you use?
Was just looking at a monitor ..
Martin Hameline 

On Dec 30, 2019, at 9:39 AM, Giorgio Ardrizzi <giorgio.ardrizzi@...> wrote:

Hi Warren, of course a pilot mounted on the wheel will never have the power of a fixed one installed on the rudder.  However, I still have his original Neco driver who is not kidding in terms of power, although the electronics are 40 years old, so quite stupid!
The Navico is mounted sideways and does not create problems with the bulkhead. You have to test based on the pilot you want to buy.
I use it as a reserve in the event of an emergency going by motor, if unfortunately the Neco breaks.  When sailing, I use the wind vane which has all the power and sensitivity I need on any occasion.  However, what I can tell you is that the Sharki is a well balanced and light boat at the helm and if you hoist the right sail, even a pilot on the wheel could get along quite well.  However, if you intend to face big journeys you must have a powerful and reliable pilot and not just a pilot on the wheel.

Il Dom 29 Dic 2019, 19:41 Warren Traill <trailz@...> ha scritto:

Hi Giorgio. I also own a Sharki. I've been sailing with no autopilot for some years now in SE Asian waters. I am seriously considering a wheel mounted pilot but am constantly advised that they would be unsuitable for a vessel of the size of the Sharki and also because of the close proximity of the wheel to the bulk head.
Can you advise me of the performance of your wheel mounted pilot?
And any comments from other s would also be greatly appreciated.
Warren Traill

On 30 Dec 2019 1:33 a.m., Giorgio Ardrizzi <giorgio.ardrizzi@...> wrote:
On my Sharki I installed a Windpilot that also works as an emergency rudder. No problem with mizzen.  Then I also have a Navico electronic pilot installed externally on the steering wheel.
The idea of ​​having all the spare parts of a Raymarine seems good, but a friend of mine this year during the crossing from Cabo Verde to Martinique broke the wheel rack and had to helm a SM for 1300 miles with the emergency bar!
If you don't want to install a wind pilot I highly recommend you try installing a Raymarine directly on the rudder.
Giorgio Ardrizzi - Sharki # 1
In Prickly Bay, Grenada

Il Dom 29 Dic 2019, 11:34 Elja Röllinghoff Balu SM 222 <Bijorka@...> ha scritto:
I belive the mitzen boom will end with the deck it is no problem to insal a wind vane on my old euros 39 it was instalt one an sailomat 3040
If you like the salilomat sen me a mail
Best Elja
SM 222

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