Re: Super Maramu 2000 - Water in bilge hall way compartment


Sorry to hear you’re having water in your bilge, Lucy&Chris.

Tom is right on all counts, fortunately it has been rare for others to have the sink plumbing are a couple other tips:
EverySM owner has experienced this at some time in his/her ownership.  The vast majority of the time it is the bow thruster.  If the water tastes salty, that’s almost certainly the problem.  If not, a leak from the anchor wash pump.  If it’s not salty, condensate from the forward AC that gets out of the pan (it’s supposed to drain into the grey water piping), or a leak in the shower or sink plumbing.

Be sure to clean and rinse the bilge well, so that you’ll be able to do the “taste test” the next time you find water there.

The seacock in the bilge there is where sea water enters the head and the anchor wash.

Another thing you will find is that when heeled over some of that water will slosh over the stringers where it is unreachable.  The next time you’re heeled over some will slosh back into that part of the bilge again.  Per Danny’s wise recommendation, I keep an old towel there to catch that sloshed water until it isn’t showing up any more.

If it is the most-likely bow thruster, there are good posts and files here that will help you adjust the up- limit of the thruster (if you’re lucky that’s all you’ll have to do), and change the seals.
Be sure to raise the thruster before you motor or sail at more than a knot or two, as that can deform the lip seal around the carbon fiber tube that houses the shaft and exits the boat.  Other than age (most change the oil and seals every 2 years at haulout for bottom painting) I think forgetting to raise the thruster is likely the cause of leaking.

Happy New Year to All!!!

Kent & Iris
S/V Kristy SM 243
Palm Beach, FL, heading S after NY

On Dec 30, 2019, at 9:36 PM, Thomas Peacock <peacock8491@...> wrote:

I have earned a PhD in the subject of water in the bilge next to the forward head. 
If you don’t see any obvious egress from the hoses there, then the most likely source is the bow thruster. If you are sure that it isn’t there, I would then check the anchor wash pump and its connections. Both those areas drain down into that bilge. 
 Other possibilities include the forward air conditioner condensate and plumbing related to the sink. 
In my case, it was all four of those, each solved one at a time. 

Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes

On Dec 30, 2019, at 9:11 PM, Lucy Pearce sv Starfish via Groups.Io <lucyannepearce@...> wrote:


We have found a fair amount of water in the bilge compartment under the hallway between the forward head and cabin.(where the depth sounder and speed gauge are located)

The toilet pump has stopped working, whether this is because of the water in there, or whether a broken pump has caused water to accumulate here I don’t know.

Does anyone know what the valve/stopcock is in this bilge compartment or offer any advice?

many thanks in advance

Lucy and Chris
Starfish HIN 238 Super Maramu 2000

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