Re: Damp in Sharki aft Cabin bulkhead

rob dillmann

We had the same problem with our Mango. The source was water ingress through the mizzen, following the cables of the radar and the vhf. These pass through an opening in the bulkhead and can be inspected by removing the mirror in the aft heads. Possibly this is the same in the sharki.
Rob Dillmann
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Op 1 jan. 2020 om 01:18 heeft Warren Traill <trailz@...> het volgende geschreven:


Yes we have that problem. And have tried waterweld in the corners of each cavity. It has made a difference.
However now that we are in monsoon season the water ingress has increased.
I am now considering fitting  a lid to the top cavity to reduce the water intake.
Also I am now wondering if it's possible that water could be entering the bulkhead through the inside of the mast. Is this possible?
I'll be following this subject with great interest.

On 31 Dec 2019 1:31 a.m., marklesparkle59 <marklesparkle59@...> wrote:
Has any other Sharki owner experienced moisture getting into the aft cabin bulkhead from the mizzen pockets? How did you deal with it?

Mark Porter
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