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Eric Freedman


We keep the 50 gallon bladder in the forward end of the port cockpit locker
and 11 more jerry cans in the aft of the locker. Once we pump out the
bladder we roll it up and have lots of room for other stuff. We also keep
the Jordan drogue and storm sail in that locker. One way or another I Will
figure out where to put this extra fuel. I hate traveling around with a half
a locker full of empty jerry cans it is such a waste space.

I am also planning on installing an Espar heater in that locker and I am
afraid of the fumes of the diesel and the heater. Any other ideas?

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We have 9 fuel jerry jugs in the life raft locker and the life raft is in
the left side front of the cockpit port side locker (actually much easier to
deploy from there, I think!).

I talked to someone in Grenada about making a stainless steel tank for the
life raft locker, but later reconsidered thinking that I might still need to
transport fuel via jerry jugs. For that reason we decided not to spend the
prox $1,800 to build the tank. BTW, the hatch opening will restrict the size
of the tank...the interior of the locker is larger than the opening. I
cannot remember exactly the capacity of the tank the guy estimated, but it
was around 200 liters which is very close to the 189 liters I carry in 9

We are half way around and have enjoyed the safety margin of having the
extra fuel. I have not yet needed to transport fuel back to the boat via
jerry jugs.

I remember that you have a bladder which you place in the cockpit locker and
have a transfer pump. If I were you, I would check around St. Martin for a
custom tank for the life raft locker. I am frequently amazed at the quality
and prices in St. Martin.


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Speaking of Bladders,

Has anyone ever tried putting a bladder in the life raft locker and the
in the port locker?

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What about putting a synthetic rubber bladder inside your exisiting tank?
Some time ago I read about a company that will make a bladder to your
specifications for a few hundred dollars. I will see if I can't dig up the
name of that outfit.

I'm not sure how they deal with any baffles that may exist in the metal

Also, you'd need a large enough opening in the top of the tank to work the
bladder through (I think I read that 8 inches was enough).



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