Re: Propshaft alternator on 1985 Mango


As a Mango owner, I’m interested to know how you engage the alternator? Do you put the gearshift into forward or reverse while sailing? I understand there may be a difference depending on Model and year of the boat 
How much power do you generate when sailing?
Who did the rebuild for you?
Thanks for any insights you can share
Andre Kaplan
Renaissance 2000
Mango 71, 1988

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Hello all. Thought I would pass this info along to my fellow Mango and Maramu owners. (Not sure about the sharki or others)...Had my propshaft alternator rebuilt and a new regulator installed. The alternator is a motorola 9MR-2-814-0 20 amp 12 volt unit. The voltage regulator is not the original but we were able to get a motorola M5-763 regulator to work. Pictures are below.
<1985 driveshaft alternator 02.jpg>
<1985 Mango driveshaft alternator 01.jpg>
<1985 mango driveshaft alternator 03.jpg>
<1985 mango driveshaft alternator 04.jpg>

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