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Thanks for those insights

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As a Mango owner, I’m interested to know how you engage the alternator? Do you put the gearshift into forward or reverse while sailing? I understand there may be a difference depending on Model and year of the boat 
How much power do you generate when sailing?
Who did the rebuild for you?
Thanks for any insights you can share
Andre Kaplan
Renaissance 2000
Mango 71, 1988

 My Sharki from 1982 has a sticker near the gear shift level saying not to have the level in forward position and engine off while sailing.
Using the propshaft alternator the level must be in neutral position.
I have an instrument panel for the propshaft alternator with a switch key, an indicator lamp and an amp meter above the corridor to the aft cabine.
Depending the state of the battery the amp meter shows during sailing with about 6 knots 8 to 10 amps.
The propshaft alternator is a 40 Amps 12V Bosch type.
Rebuilding such an alternator does any good car repair shop for electric equippment.
The regulator is a cheap part you can buy at every car shop.

Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

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