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Hi Bill.
The problem is usually caused by failure to flush the toilet for long enough. The build up can be dissolved with a strong solution of hydrochloric (muriatic) acid but beware because the chemical reaction gives off very strong fumes which are very damaging to the lungs. I recall plumbers succumbing to these fumes when descaling urinals. We make a point of flushing our toilet for about 10 seconds every time it is used so that all the urine is expelled. We also give strong advice to any guests to do the same and then listen to make sure they do !
On my last boat I avoided the problem by installing a pneumatic light switch (as used in the common parts of small apartment blocks) in the macerator circuit to ensure compliance.

Take care, Anne and John, SM 319

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Subject: [Amel] Head discharge hose clogged with calcification

I searched and searched because I remember someone describing how they solved the problem I have, but I could not find the posting.

One of our heads stopped discharging. I removed the prox 1" hose that is the discharge hose from the maceration pump and found it partially clogged with calcification. I also removed the prox 2" diameter 10" long hose that the 1" hose connects to and found it completely blocked with calcification.

The metal brass or bronze pipe that the 2" hose connects to is also blocked with calcification. The hoses are removable/replaceable and easy to take care of...the pipe has got me!

I was able to remove a considerable amount of calcification from the pipe with various screwdrivers, but it is still blocked.

Any advice would be appreciated.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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