Re: ringbolt in stbd bulward for ballooner halyard

Gary Silver

Hi Duane:  Are you referring to the ring bolt on top of the toe-rail just forward of the main mast chainplate?   If so you may find that it is secured from the back side with a nut instead of the mild steel imbedded in fiberglass method.  Several items, including some to the toe-rail mounted cleats are fixed from inside with nuts.  I can't remember for sure if the eye-bolt (aka ring-bolt) is one of them.  If it is, you can access it from within the starboard side hanging locker across from the forward head.  There is some foam stuffed up into the channel that is the underside of the toe-rail,  pull that down at the area where the bolt would be and see if there isn't a nut on the back side.

Hope this helps.  
Gary S. Silver, M.D.
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335
Puerto Del Rey Marina, Puerto Rico

Tip of the day.  AC issues are capacitor caused until proven otherwise.  Just swapped out three more this trip.

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