Re: Recommentation for Sharki second autopilot

GrahamJohnston42 <>

Hi Volker,
Your Sharki 176 had a longer mizzen boom than the older models and it over hangs the transom and is likely to foul a windvane unless you with lift the boom. I have seen it done with the clew of the mizzen being recut and raised by a foot or two. It looks strange but it works.

My preference was to fit a Raymarine Type 2 short linear drive directly to the rudder stock asĀ  I had only just made and fitted a bathing platform on the transom and wanted to be able to use it for boarding.
I mounted on it the Std side in the aft cabin. Space is tight but it will fit under the berth. Getting the geometry correct when making the rudder tiller bracket was interesting but simple enough.

I used changeover switch mounted above the rotary drive above the galley to switch between the linear and rotary drives. A forty amp four pole switch was used as you need to switch the clutch connections as well as the motor supply.
The course computer is a Raymarine S2 with associated fluxgate compass and rudder indicator.
Both the rotary and linear drive have the same designation within the computer software and so no adjustment is necessary when switching drives.
I bought a complete new S2 package off Ebay to duplicate the whole control system which could be sold in the future. Fitting a gyro made downwind sailing much more comfortable.
The system has worked now for some eight or nine years and 10,000 nm or more including two Transats.
If all the files were transferred from the Yahoo forum then photos of the installation should be on this forum.
Sharki 181

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