Re: Too many VHF aerials?

Thomas Peacock

Hi Mark,

We also have one VHF on the main mast, and one on the mizzen. Maybe I have misunderstood the configuration, but here is how I think we have it:

The main mast antenna is hooked up to our VHF analog radio. That radio also has a button for DSC (the D standing for digital), but I always assumed that the DSC signal was transmitted via the same antenna as the analog VHF signal, not on a separate antenna. At least, when I installed the radio, there was only one antenna output terminal on the radio, so I don’t see how it would use two antennas.

Our mizzen antenna hooks up directly to the AIS transceiver, no other devices use it. 

If the either VHF antenna failed, we also have a spare antenna on board that could be partially hoisted for elevation.

Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes

On Jan 7, 2020, at 11:56 AM, marklesparkle59 <marklesparkle59@...> wrote:

On my main mast there is the main VHF Radio aerial, on the mizzen are the DSC aerial and the Emergency VHF aerial and I would like to add an AIS aerial to avoid a splitter. I am considering replacing the Emergency aerial with the AIS and using a bolt on emergency. How have other owners coped with this proliferation? 

Mark Porter
Sea Hobo
CARDIFF Marine Village

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