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We bought a set of deep cycle lead acid batteries from West Marine in Newport Rhode Island in 2009, got 8 years out of them. They would have lasted longer if I hadn't messed up by leaving the freezer open and switched on when I left the boat on its mooring for 6 weeks. I leave two fridges on to use the power from wind gen and solar but hit the wrong breaker.  They were labelled "West Marine". I replaced them with Trojans in New Zealand 



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Have not tried West Marine. Looking for lead acid deep cycle. Preferably Trojan good price good battery. Thanks for your reply. 
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Have you tried the local Costco? West Marine? It may help if you state the type of batteries you seek.




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Greetings All and Happy New Year!

In Puerto Rico now and looking for batteries. Can anyone recommend a supplier. Hoping Gary S. will pipe in I know he spends a lot of time here. Thanks in advance. 




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