Re: Replacement Corian for SM2K dishwasher lid


Hi Drew,
Here are some pics of how I measured. It appears to be a 30mm radius when I use the calipers.

On Jan 7, 2020 10:16 PM, Drew Gaffney <drew.gaffney@...> wrote:

Last season, the Aurora pattern Corian on the dishwasher lid broke.  I've found someone who can make a replacement.  I have the dimensions (43.7cm square) with screw holes centered 3.3cm from each corner.  Because the Corian in mounted in a lipped space, I need radius of the curve on the 4 corners.  If someone is on their SM2K, I'd very much appreciate the measurement.   Two lines perpendicular to the edge at the point where the curved corner begins on each side.  The distance from the edge to the point where the two lines intersect gives the "radius" of the curved corners and with that a new "cover" can be made.
Related, the removable cover for the port galley counter was broken several years ago.  We bought a matching "Corian" lid sold as a cutting board with a slot for a handle made a perfect replacement.
Thank you.
Drew Gaffney
SV Revelation SM390
Lying Carloforte, Sardinia

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