Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Arno;

We have never had any issues with these pumps. We are still on the original pump after 11 years and have the backup if the original dies.

Given the variant in life span and longevity that some are seeing in the same pump and design, I would suspect other potential problem areas that lead to the early demise of the pump. These may include flow restriction, differences in heat, moisture, in the operating environment, demand and cycling, etc.

I know this may not be very specific and helpful, but I usually suspect the mechanical units in the system that have functioned well in so many other identical installation, last.


Mohammad & Aty
B&B Kokomo
A54 #099

On Jan 12, 2020, at 4:11 AM, Arno Luijten via Groups.Io <arno.luijten@...> wrote:

Hi Scott,

Great to hear I’m not the only one that has trouble with these pumps. I asked Flojet about this and they simply do not carry a brushless variant of this pump. I did have a look at a few other pumps that look very nice on paper (magnetic-drive and brushless). The two I tested (both centrifugal) did not supply enough pressure to overcome the resistance in the hoses/pipes. I now have al lot of pumps to do other stuff with :-(

Currently running a 12V/1.5A Flojet Quiet Quad but I’m sure it will die within a year despite the claim to be for continuous duty. It does stay cooler then the “official” Frigoboat pump that is actually a 24V shower-pump running at 12V. The pressure of the 12V model is adequate.

So I’m also interested in a more resilient solution to this problem. 

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