Mango Bonding


Hello all, Since our 1985 Mango was hauled out for a new cutlass bearing and bottom paint, I thought I'd check the bonding system. The strap in the bilge was corroded, as suspected and will be replaced. The rudder post, and zinc's appear to show zero resistance which is great news. I am in the process of checking the rest of the system and see that some of the braided bonding straps are starting to become weak, brittle and generally in need of replacing (not all but some). So 2 questions or my fellow Amelians.... (Yes I read through all 691 post on here about the Bonding system)

1) I understand that electricity travels on the outside of the wire's surface, thus flat copper tinned woven straps instead of round wires, but does any one have any thoughts if its better to go back in with the same sort of copper tinned straps or wires for the bonding system? Seems like these straps reached the end of their life in many areas of the boat.

2) I have an original Amel Mango wiring diagram (its very large) but it does not indicate the bonding system on it. Anyone know how Amel originally routed the Mango's (or similiar year  1985 Amel) bonding system through the boat? 

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