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I also had at least 3 Flojet pumps going out on me since Q1 2018; usually the freezer temperature would go up - over 1 ½ year period in NEW CALEDONIA the freezer unit was checked for leaks & serviced at least 2 or 3 times. In vain I tried to get locally BARNACLE BUSTER, couldn’t bring it back with me from USA. In VANUATU I had freezer problems again and luckily another AMEL 54 owner (Bob HODGINS/SV GALLIVANT) had ½ gallon BB and we flushed the fridge/freezer for about 5 hours: unbelievable amount of junk coming out of the system. Everything worked fine for 1 or 2 months but during passage from NOUMEA to BUNDABERG the freezer created problems again.  


I am determined to solve this problem permanently and take drastic action as I need a fully functional freezer. Therefore last month agreed with a (German) marine refrigeration specialist @ THE BOAT WORKS YARD (an excellent, world class 55 acres facility with every marine service you can think of on-site) in COOMERA AUSTRALIA that on my return from USA we would check & service the refrigeration, freezer as well as A/C systems. He also suggested taking out the current element out of the freezer and replacing with a unit curving inside the freezer box therefore giving more efficient freezer space. However, he is not willing to change for me the insulation of the freezer box where I believe the main problem is as I can see the temperature rising quickly when I turn the system off for my 2 weekly cleaning of the little in line filter/strainer. The previous owner also installed in both the fridge as well as the AC lines an in line anti-algae/growth anti fouling system; originally SPECTRA but they sold the product line to HALDEN MARINE and is now called BIO-GUARD. I have the 500 for the fridge & freezer line and the 1000 for the A/C systems.


I really would like to hear from a A54 owner who has gone thru the process of replacing the horizontal freezer (under the saloon bench) insulation how to go about this.


I will be in USA until early March and then return to AUSTRALIA.


Best Regards Teun

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January 14, 2020 16:24:11


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I have had many, many motor failures using the Flojet pumps you all are referencing - often they last less than a year. In many instances the failures have caused my refrigeration units to shut down, and in one case in Martinique I had to replace the evaporator on the freezer under the seat.
I have determined that the failures occur most often as the boat battery voltage drops off (tough to keep at 100%), and that is one reason I am considering upgrading to Lithium batteries this year.
Maybe I have been too complacent and have just blindly bought new replacement pumps, but now (with 3 failed motors on board), I am determined to solve this issue once and for all.
Based on all the email conversation, can someone let me know which pump will work well? I have never checked the incoming voltage at the pump, but I am surprised to hear it is 12 volts vs. 24. I have used 24 volt motors in service, and I am not sure where the step-down occurs - maybe in the pump controller?
Any recommendations would be helpful, as I have seen many ideas.
Jamie Wendell
A54 Phantom

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