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Hi Arno,


In your message below “ On the other hand the continuous flow of water makes keeps growth of whatever wants to settle in the circuit also minimal.   “ I was of the same opinion and feared my AC line would be even more gooked up than the fridge/freezer line but amazingly when I flushed, prior to my departure to USA, while on the hard all lines with fresh water the fridge & freezer exiting fresh water was far more discolored than the AC exiting fresh water.


Later on somebody explained to me that marine life can NOT survive in stationary salt water; therefore dies hence the bad smell. Apparently marine life needs flowing water to survive which explains all the growth on my sea chest strainer as well as the little in line filters/strainers I have for the freezer; AC and SPECTRA water maker lines.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your observations. I fully agree the insulation of especially the freezer is the main problem. As Oliver suggested in previous postings, changing the insulation with a better one really makes a big difference. But he also said it's a hell of a project. In the mean time we are using circulation pumps like cookies.
Fact is that Flojet claims to supply you a pump for continuous duty but it's not. Even at 80% duty cycle the thing drops dead after less then a year. That should not happen. As said by others, brushed motors are simply not suitable for this task.
So the idea of replacing the pump-motor itself is quite good but you will need to carefully select what motor to replace it with.

I've looked at the sea-water circuit and I'm thinking about a way to clean it, but that is not so simple. I think the easiest is to pump some descaling fluid though the circuit and let is soak for a while. On the other hand the continuous flow of water makes keeps growth of whatever wants to settle in the circuit also minimal.

It's a pity that Flojet does not sell a brushless variant of the pump. That would make the problem much better to cope with.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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