Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Jamie Wendell

Scott, you have me really thinking about this thorn in my side. My boat is on the hard now, but I am going to check the voltage coming out of the pump controller. If it is really 12 volts, then I think I am "missing the boat" by using 24-volt pumps. I no longer have the original Amel installation, so I am at a loss as to what came with the boat. I do feel, though, that running a 24-volt pump at 12 volts is asking for the problems which I have experience multiple times. I will investigate and see what is going on - I am an electrical engineer but do not want to profess any sort of expertise at this time. My old boat used keel-cooled units and I never had any issues - no pump!!
I will find out in the spring here in the US.
A54 Phantom.

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