Re: Looks like Amel hit one out of the box.

Jamie Wendell

Just thought I would chime in to Arno's comments about the Amel 54. To me it is the best of all possible designs - dated now I guess, but I cannot think of ANY other boat I would want. I really appreciate the quality and features on the new 50 and 60 (and the modern technology), but for me the 54 is the epitome of what Amel does right. I could go on and on but I truly like the layout and the ketch rig and am sorry to see it go. If the new boats keep the company going strong, go for it. I support that and welcome the newcomers. Maybe if I were 10 years younger...............
I suppose I am just adding my 2 cents here but I love my 54 and the Amel concepts.
A54 Phantom

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