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Hello All

Has anyone with an SM connected their toilets to the ship's fresh water supply ? I have studied the plumbing and it seems it would be easy. I would cut the salt water intake hose for the toilets and insert a valve. Then I would cut the fresh water hose (before it goes to the pump) and place a valve there with a hose teed to the salt water intake. I would then cut off the salt water and open the fresh water. This would make the toilets smell fresher and be less corrosive to the toilet components than salt water. If berthed at a marina with abundant fresh water, it seems like this would be a good idea, especially if in a dirty harbor. When going cruising, I could easily convert back to the salt water flush. I would welcome any comments.

Also, in reading up on the SM, I've found a little known problem regarding the proper lifting points (when using straps, not hooking to the lifting eyes) for the boat. It appears that the proper place for the aft lifting straps is exactly where the aft lifting eye is located; but the proper place for the forward lifting strap is aligned with the hatch of the forward head, not aligned with the forward lifting eye. If you position the forward strap at the forward eye, you can easily damage the speedo unit, which is aligned with the forward eye. Some SM owners have mysteriously developed leaks around their speedos and this may be the reason.

Lastly, a pointer I just discovered using naval jelly. I've had amazing results using naval jelly to clean up stainless and chrome items like fishing reels, diving equipment, turnbuckles, etc. I apply the naval jelly, scrub with a toothbrush, let sit for 10 minutes, and the pieces turn out like brand new !

Happy New Year to all,

John Martin
SM #248 "Moon Dog"

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