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Good find! I looked at all of their products...really a nice resource for many engine panels or for custom plexiglass panels.

Here is what they say: 

"This is the first prototype of a Yanmar faceplate instrument panel GM series which is now up for sale to a boat owner wishing to work with us to make sure the faceplate panel fits perfectly.
1.6mm thick measuring 275mm x 135mm with adhesive tape for fixing.
If this prototype faceplate does not fit perfectly we will make another for you based on your recommendations.
This faceplate will be listed on eBay for $96.00 once prototyping is completed.
We replicate and manufacture dash and control panels for all types of machinery and equipment.
If you have a panel that needs replacing give us panel dimensions so we can replicate it for you at a discounted price so we can offer it for sale to others."

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