Re: Looks like Amel hit one out of the box.

Alan Leslie


I feel the same way about my Super Maramu 2000..

BUT...We visited La Rochelle in April last year and toured the factory, met the man that built our mast !, went for a sail with Antoine on the Amel 50, and I would have to say that the Amel spirit is still well alive.
We also saw the very first 60 sitting in the water tank.

The 50 is really Amel all over, however, they are obviously sensitive to the market as almost everything we have on our SM is optional on the 50...
Like, bowthruster, genset, watermaker...even cockpit cushions...
So if you look at the "list price" which is just under Eu 1 m, by the time you add all the stuff that we take for granted you're up to about Eu 1.5m
Similarly with the gets to about Eu 2.5m

BUT the boat is really, the same as always, water tight bulkheads as the SM, wonderful galley, very safe at sea, but the stbd sea berth of course has gone, but nice one up one down single berths just fwd of the saloon, maybe a good alternative.

AND with the inside shrouds, she points really well.....which is something our 53 DOESN'T...and I miss that from our previous boat.

If I had the money, which I don't, I'd order one in a minute,....

The 60, not so sure, in my opinion , it's just a bit TOO big, especially for someone like me that sails solo a lot of the time.

Anyway, that's probably a bit more that 2 cents worth, as you guys say.


Elyse SM437

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