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Ruslan Osmonov

Hi Paul, You need to know that there are no aluminum parts on a circuit. If you have Zinc, Aluminum, and Steel on one circuit. What is going to happen is that corrosion will always start with Zinc, then Aluminum, when both Zinc and Alu are eaten, corrosion will start eating Steel. If you have two similar metals, say two Alu parts, they are similar from corrosion perspective and you never know which one will go away first. In some case one will be eaten more than the other, sometimes equal parts, or the other way around. So if you have Alu part on a circuit I would always use Zinc to save Alu part. 
Magnesium is the best for fresh water.
One thing to be aware of is Alu oxidation, if you don’t clean it, it will oxidate and may become ineffective. 

Bill, Zinc on Alu boats is an example of a mix. 

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This falls into the category of "If you look long enough, you can usually find different opinions and sometimes, even different facts. Maybe my response can be considered as falling into that category, but I am making it in the spirit of helping Amel owners.

I believe this to be true: Generally speaking, Aluminum is for fresh/brackish water and Zinc for saltwater. And, generally speaking, you never mix aluminum and zinc in a bonding system. If you want to know for sure, I would ask Amel. The reason I would ask Amel rather than SidePower, or anyone else is that others probably don't know that the Amel bonding system is connected to the SidePower bow thruster and this may cause an issue of mixing aluminum and zinc in the same bonding circuit. That said, in the SidePower installation and user manual states that "ZINC ANODES" are to be used. Lastly, we should all be cautious about changing proven and working systems and devices, especially when we are not completely knowledgeable of the system or device and their interconnections to other systems and devices.

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Hi all,


I came across this where it says aluminium anodes are superior to zinc for the Sidepower thruster. Has anyone had any experience using aluminium anodes?




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Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98


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