Furler Top Swivel Santorin

Herbert Lackner

Hi Amelians,

I am working on KALI MERAs Genua Top Swivel.  It does not slide up and down easy, sticks to the foil under load. I cleaned the foil and used rigging lubricant, but still it does not go up and down smooth.  How is the connection between foil and swivel? Are there bearings or does it just slide (metal to metal).

Especially at the upper part of the foil there are already some scratches, I tried to polish them out, but you can see that the swivel creates theses scratches, and under load it "jams".  After polishing the foil and plenty of spray I can set the Genua, but it it is not as it should be.

Any ideas how to solve that? 

thank you very much for your help

SN120, KALI MERA, Mexico

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