Re: Furler Top Swivel Santorin

Herbert Lackner

I love this group!

@Hans: I did the same now, cleaned the foil several times, and it runs fine again, seems to be ok now. Next time we hoist the genua I will do this again. cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...  I am glad that I do not have to remove the furler...

@Ann-Sofie: the SN has a different swivel, nor GRP tube, Kali Mera ist from 1995, I think the last SNs have been build ~1996?, maye they changed it after that.

after a short sailing season we have to return to work, Kali Mera is relaxing in Mazatlan until October, with her new boat cover on. We made this last year and it turned out to be great. Temperature  inside is ~10 degrees C  lower, boat was absolutely clean and dry...   one of the "enhancements" I would do again.

fair winds
herbert, SN120, Kali Mera

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