Re: vetus coupling removal

Herbert Lackner

after aligning the engine with the "special tool" it runs smooth without vibrations. It took me 4 hours to lift the engine, do the alignment... and 6 hours to get the vetus coupling of the shaft. Because I had problems to take the coupling off I first tried to align it without the tool - impossible. Next day I was able to remove the coupling, then all was easy using the tool.

our alignment story:

In 2016 we have been in Martinique, the engine vibrations got worse, so we decided to make a gift to Kali Mera and buy her new engine mounts (I think they have never been changed, last ~ 20 years on the SN). I asked Amel in Martinique if they could change the mounts, they told me that they are not doing that but they have a local partner that does this job. When the recommended mechanic changed the mounts I asked him why he does not use the Amel tool to make the alignment. He replied that he has done this on 25 SMs in the last years and never used a tool, he is able to do the alignment without that. Recommended by Amel, an experience Expert, so I thought that all is good.  It was not.    

But now it is :-)  and it goes to "lessons learned"

fair winds, herbert

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