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Agree with you that the blue box is the easiest way for us: just swapping out the box and we should be good to go. I had to swap out the box this summer in VANUATU as it failed - luckily I had one on board but that was the last one.

I tried locating the blue box in the USA without success. However, have located in AUSTRALIA a marine store having 5 in stock; just spoke to them to confirm my Email and reserved 3 boxes as they don’t take overseas credit cards so I need my agent handling my boat currently in COOMERA pay for me.

If you can NOT locate a spare blue box this might be an option for you? 

Brgds Teun

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Thanks for that info Bill. I did not realize what changes have been made.
I would want to retain the blue box, as it is far simpler for us Amelians who have factory systems. Converting to relays and all the associated wiring would not be much fun.
Fortunately, I have had not issues with it, other than I had to go to a 3A fuse vs 2A. The 2A kept blowing unexpectedly - maybe an age thing there as the systems start to draw more current.
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