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Ralph Heilig


thank you for the fast response! I'm going to La Rochelle on Wednesday. I'm in the final selection of the Equipment.

Currently I have few open points I want to discuss with AMEL:

1) Iridium Sat Phone installation
2) External WLAN Antenna
3) Mastcamera (pan/tilt/zoom)


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Can someone tell me what manufactorer and type this davits is. I awaiting a new 54 so I'm interested into this solution as an alternative for the Simpson. Also what weight it can carry.

Is there a www link with more technical details? I did not find it on the web.


The web address is but I do not think the web sight is working. If you have trouble connecting via the web you should email Franck Chive at Secteur Blanc. His email is "secteurblanc@...". I had them look after our boat in La Rochelle last winter and they did an excellent job.
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