Re: Too many VHF aerials?

Brent Cameron

Thanks David.  There are no dumb questions when it comes to antennas on sailboats.  The specification is called LMR-400 and  TMS is the brand name (Times Microwave Systems) which is just one of several companies that make it to that specification - they were the original creator but there are others now.  That said, the specification really talks to the signal characteristics of the cable but NOT to the construction so even among vendors such like TMS there are several different types of LMR-400 cable with different construction and capabilities.  Scott has said that the Amel 54 needs a minimum bend radius of about 2.5” and you can get LMR-400 cables from TMS with minimum bend radius’s of down to 1”.   (Part number TMS LMR-400-UF which is designed to be a drop in replacement for the RG-8 typical cables used in our masts).      I have not looked at all of the potential vendors but I do know that there are other flexible versions in addition to the UF (Ultra Flexible).    I”m not recommending a specific brand of cable or a particular vendor but here is a spec sheet for the UF cable I found on the web. It’s also fairly widely available even on Amazon.  

To summarize, ideally you want a cable that is flexible, has the attenuation specifications of at least LMR-400 if possible and is rated for outdoors use over our typical temperature ranges.   If you look at LMR-400 cable types, and find one rated for outdoor and is flexible, it should work as designed.  I just did a quick look up and saw Alibaba said that there were 475 Chinese companies making LMR-400 cables alone!    I’m sure you can find one in the Med that will work.  Hope that helps.  


Brent Cameron

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