Re: Mobile communications - 4G, WiFi

Gerhard Mueller

I still have the old Ubiquiti Bullet 2HP which is similiar to the Groove.
Depending the conditions I use 2 different kinds of antennas.
The usual rod antenna has the characteristics as shown below:

360 degrees horizontal but only a small angle vertically.
That means the antenna should be mounted as near as possible to the horizontal line to the access point.
However a directional antenna has this characteristic:

That is nearly same quality horizontal and vertically.
So if you know the direction to the access point take this one.

Another thing to know: My Bullet as well the Groove are routers. When you attach them to another router in your network on board the boat then only one router in the network can be configured as DHCP server which handles the IP addresses in your network. Otherwise the network is blocked.
Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

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