Re: Mobile communications - 4G, WiFi

Joerg Esdorn

I have the Bad Boy Unleashed WIFI extender system Amel offered as an option on the 55.  It has worked well enough but I have found that in the Med, WIFI is usually useless because of lack of bandwidth.  I Found that in most marinas I visited the WIFI was overloaded at the times I wanted to use it.   Restaurants WIFI I found no better, typically worse.  So I installed a 4G SIM card in my Redbox router (Mailasail) which gives me WIFI via a 4G LTE connection on the boat.  In most countries in the Med, cheap 4G SIM cards are available which typically give you 10G or more for $10.  I found this solution cost effective and much less stressful than trying to get a decent WIFI connection.  It requires you to get a new SIM card in each country, though.  

joerg esdorn
A55 Kincsem
Vigo, Spain

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