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Kelly Ran

Hi Brent,

I believe you were responding to me (Kelly), not my husband Ryan.  We're both active on this list.  Glad to hear we're in agreement, though.  LOL!

kelly (and ryan)
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On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 11:26 AM Brent Cameron <brentcameron61@...> wrote:
Ryan, I fully agree with you on this.  I also read her first book and found it quite interesting… especially the parts about buying the Amel  at the factory in La Rochelle and their very first experience in a Bay of Biscay storm taking it away and then learning more as they went on.  I don’t see any difference either with some of the other posts here as you suggest.  If it was a book about just sailing or something else and had no ties to Amel, then that would be different but, in my mind at least, it isn’t any different than other posters who loosely (in context) advertise their services or YouTube channels (which very often contain exactly the same kind of helpful advice as is found on these forums).  I do very much appreciate that we aren’t subjected to a lot of advertising here but a single post taking about a new book about a trip doing what many of us buy Amel’s for that took place on an Amel is not out of place and I think people were too quick to shut it down without also looking at all of the other similar posts that others have no issue with.   I think that anything that contributes to the brand or to our further understanding of the boats is fair game on these forums.    I like the posts talking about the surveys, sails, schools, brokerages, maintenance and even just sailing places videos.  Frankly, far more has already been written on this than the original post even took up.  Anyway, that’s my two cents.  For those who are triggered by these discussions, there is a link you can click when you first see the topic to “mute this topic” and you will never see anything on it (or Antennas if you like!) ever again.  LOL 

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Brent Cameron

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