Re: Limiting group members to Amel Owners

Orion Martin

Agreed. This site is an invaluable source of information concerning Amel yachts, and I consider myself a prospective Amel buyer who is yet to find “the one”. This site has reinforced to me the wisdom of purchasing an Amel yacht, there is really no other support group like this regarding other brands. It would be a mistake to limit membership to Amel owners only, not only because it possibly hinders their ability sell their Amel when it’s their time, but also it prevents lurkers such as myself from joining the community and becoming involved with the ins and outs of Amel ownership. The original issue was someone plugging their book on this site, which can be remedied easy enough. That poster asked the question if it was right or not to plug their book which was a fair question to ask. No harm done. I don’t understand how it has now manifested to possibly excluding non-owners from the group. To me that goes against the spirit of this community and what it’s about.

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