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My LOPOLIGHT was replaced Q3 2018 in NEW CALEDONIA with an all integrated  LOPOLIGHT LED light - original OEM LOPOLIGHT no longer available. Replaced with current production all integrated LED LOPOLIGHT. Kind of expensive like around USD900 just for the unit?

Marine electrician had to go up the mast at least twice (if not more) as he had to modify the special AMEL installed bracket. Should have pics. Skiing now in CO - will check when I return in PHX in 10 days.

Overall an expensive exercise as labor (2 people) added another USD1500 - USD2000 as it was hard to get old bracket off.


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Date: 1/25/20 03:17 (GMT-07:00)
Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Masthead Tri Colour LOPOLIGHT A54

When I bought our new AMEL 54 CHIARA a couple of years ago, I ordered LED positionlights including a Tricolor masthead light. Now it expired and I have to order a new one.

I am not on the boat, so I can not check, whether it is a combined one with anchorlight.
- can anybody provide me the information, whether the originally installed AMEL tricolor light is a integrated one  with anchorlight ?
- does anybody possibly have a photo of the masttop installation?
- can anybody possibly provide informations about installing and connecting the cable of the new LOPOLIGHT?

Your help is highly appreciated with great relief!

Amel 54 #149 CHIARA

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