Re: Suggestions for Annapolis Sailboat Show 2020

Patrick McAneny

Brian, My wife and I have sailed down to Annapolis and attended the show for the last thirty plus years. Since we have always been on a boat, I can not address accommodations . There is little to tell you about the show ,except that the first day of the show is a Thursday ,which is VIP day and the ticket prices are about double on that day ,we have never attended on a Thursday. For us ,not being in the market for a boat or even equipment now days ,two days are plenty. Monday if you stay to the end of the day ,you can watch them break down the show ,with all the boats leaving at the same time ,kinda cool. You can buy the tickets online and save a little time getting in. 
One huge disappointment this year , they double the price on the Nutty Buddies (ice cream cones) from $3.00 to $6.00 .So after all these years of eating at least one a day ,its over ,I will not allow my taste buds be extorted like that. We may boycott the show next year ,it was great while it lasted, everything delicious must come to an end.
Hope this helps,
Pat & Diane
SM Shenanigans

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Hi all,

My wife and I are interested in attending the sailboat show in Annapolis this year. Since we've never been, and since many of you have, some on several occasions, I'm requesting any input you may have. We're open to any thoughts from which tickets to purchase or avoid to accommodations and dining. We are currently boatless, so staying on our own vessel, while likely ideal, isn't an option.

Brian Riggs
Hampton Roads Area, Virginia

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