Engine RPM and Davit problems

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohnholl@...>

The problem is most likely to be one of fuel supply into the injectors as if it was a prop thing the incorrect pitch overloading the engine would generate black smoke.It could be an algae growth in the fuel tank which has an internal filter which might be nearly blocked. My last boat was an Oyster 435 which I suffered until I got my Amel. One of the many problems was algae build up on the filter im the fuel tank. This filter was formed with two brass plates held apart by fine gauze around the periphery and the suction from the engine battling the algae build up caused the thing to collapse. I scrapped that filter which fortunately was accessible without totally draining the tank as would be necessary on my SM to get at the filter. There were two feed pipes coming from the filter,one for the engine and the other for a heater if fitted.I bent the heater pipe down to touch the lowest point in the tank and the fuel pipe to about a couple of inches above that. I had the dirty fuel polished in Fiji and then from time to time drained several water bottles full of fuel from the bottom of the tank until I got a bottle of clear fuel. After allowing the water in the bottles to settle I then poured the clear fuel back into the tank. I copy this system with my Amel by removing the plate from the top of the tank,threading a copper pipe down to the bottom where the outlet/filter is and pumping out the watery fuel until I get the clean sample.
I have davits but can only use them for lifting the dinghy out of thieves way when at anchor or in totally flat seas as I have found it impossible to pull my RIB up tight enough to stop it chafing against the davits. If we want to lift the dinghy with engine I use one of the lines from the mizzen fixed to the engine end davit and take up the weight on the main sheet winch whilst Anne takes up the slack on the davit lines. Any advice on how to use the davits on short passages without chafe would be appreciated.

Happy revving, Anne and John SM 319

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