Re: From Polynesia west: Fiji-Vanuatu-Solomons_PNG-Indonesia-Singapore: A request for information and advice.

Jean-Pierre Massicotte

Hello, excuse my poor spelling in English! We took the Indonesian rally but didn't really follow since we where 60 boats register and for safety reasons seperate from the group since many many anchorages can't accomodate so many yachts at the same time securely!

All Vanuatu and Fidji is great, a must!

We skip PNG for the lack of clearing facility.

Grand Barrier sailing in Australia is fantastic. Contrary to many reports clearing in Australia is not any harder than in New Zealand.

You will have wind from Thursday Island to Bali than expect to motor a LOT from there to Singapour and Malaysia.

Be sure all your system's are all in good shape, very little assistances before Malaysia and Singapour.

Indonesian are nice people and helpfull. Keep your eye open for fishing net near PNG and first third of Indonesia, there a lot of them and not always light properly.

Fantastic culture, beautiful places, nice foods you will encounter. For Indonesia stock well before if you enjoy whines or any specific, supply are basic.

Security wise we never felt treaten . The only deception we had was the lack of wind  from Bali to Thailand, since we had to motor most of the time...... More than 60 percent!  You will need light air sails...... And diesel!

Have a great time


jean-Pierre Massicotte
S/V Vanille, Santorin #51

On Sun., Jan. 26, 2020, 19:02 Porter McRoberts via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
I write as IBIS is on the hard in Opua, we’re back in the USA for a spell and then back to Opua and to Fiji then west in May-June.

My principle request to other Amelians is were looking for any resources re the next leg of our voyage as stated in the subject line, and for suggestions re: our route

Were getting ready, in every way but also downloading GE Kap files for openCE, getting visas and talking to the local guy Raymond who runs the Indonesia rally etc.

Questions if any of you might be so kind:

1. PNG.  Enticing! and dangerous.  Any suggestions for a safe route?  We've read the US and UK state dept advisories, We know Totem fairly well and have read a fair amount of blogs, the noonsite articles etc.  There appears to be no cruising guide.  Anyone know of Amelians or others who have recently sailed this way?

2. Great spots, suggestions  in Vanuatu?

3. Great spots, suggestions, places to avoid in Solomons? 

4. To head through the Torres strait or north of Guinea island? South route would include Darwin before heading north up to Raja Ampat, Going north seems quite a bit more direct to Raja Ampat, but then with some check-in difficulties and possible unrest near PNG main island:guinea. Trades likely stronger south route?

5. Well be running late for the typical July start dates for the indonesia rallies.  Ive communicated with Raymond Lesmana, seems like a great guy and assures me he can handle any needed paperwork.  Any security concerns for Indonesia to singapore for sailing yachts.  He says “none.”

6. What are we missing?

As always, were so indebted to this group and the Gurus we find here!  You know who you are!!

Thanks for any intel.

Porter and Helen McRoberts

S/V IBIS A54-152

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