Re: Super Maramu Main Mast Furling foil Sheered

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Graham,

I would say you are fine to drill a new hole and drop the foil. As to cause I will lay odds that the  bearings in rhe swivel at the top are full of salt making it hard to turn and that extra load directly contributed to that failure.



SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 27 January 2020 at 15:28 "Graham Boyd via Groups.Io" <crwggb@...> wrote:

SM Main mast furler foil sheered at base just above the gear box (see pictures).

This metal fatigue event rather spoilt our Chinese NY cruise yesterday. The actual sheer occurred when furling the sail head to wind in 15 kts of wind. 

Has anyone else suffered this failure? If so what was the fix?

I understand from this site that the top of the foil in the mast is unsupported. This makes me wonder if there is sufficient "extra" length of foil in the mast to just drill new holes in the foil above the sheer line and drop it back into the gear box. Would the swivel then "fall off the top" of the foil when the sail is hoisted? Failing that extending the foil at the top to support the swivel with the sail up could be the answer.

Any thoughts/experiences welcome!

SM140 Sula
Hong Kong


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