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Hi Jose,

I have no knowledge of the steyer motor but my volvo D275 habitually had the wastegate sticking as did the wastegate on my volvo tmd 22.

The shaft through the housing to the exterior lever gets a buildup on it that causes it to sieze. I disasembled and freed them up by mechanically moving it while adding lubricant. A slow but efective process but it always re seized. I have approached experts in Volvo and they had no solution. If you buy a new turbo the same thing will happen with the new one. I suspect there are many many siezed turbo wastegates out there but owners dont know it.

I have found the answer in a product called carbo clean. This applied to the shaft rapidly disolved the build up causing the seizing. To access it i had to remove the exhaust mixing elbow. Now  the initial problem is cleared I just apply it to the shaft externally. On the Volvo the shaft comes up from below so there isnt a gravity assist. If the steyer has the waste gate  shaft descending you will probably get results by applying carbo clean fom the exterior.



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On 28 January 2020 at 04:16 Jose Alegria <Josealegr@...> wrote:

Dear colleagues

My Amel has one Steyer  motor 140 hp.
The waste gate is stuck and the turbo specialist tell me- " no way- you need replace the all turbo ".
I try contact the Steyr motors ( sales , service and office ) but no one give me any answer!....
Can you give me some ideas.
My boat is at Cleopatra marina dry dock - Preveza - Greece.

kindest regards

José Alegria
Mobile: + 351 91 866 30 37

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