Re: Amel's suggestion to run the Volvo D3-110 (A54) daily while on passage

Alexander Ramseyer

I'm not sure I fully understand this quote from Oliviers post:
" Last point, the anti-siphon system cannot prevent water from getting into the exhaust line. It is designed in order no water can be sucked from the intake line, and once the engine is off, in order the line drains into the muffler, and water does not keep above the engine for a long time. This is also a check point (does the water drip out of the cockpit while the engine is running?)". Can someone help to interpret please?

Jamie, in case you read this, can you tell me whether or not water from high waves made it into your cockpit? (..and filled your drain and eventually the small hose that goes from inside the big drain tube to the round metal hose in the engine room (metal part of the system that is attached to the Diesel tank). I had water in my cockpit and I consider the possibility that the water made from the big cockpit drain through that small hose and from there into the motor (possible if water is high enough in the cockpit in combination with the boat moving in the waves.

Alex Ramseyer
Thanks, Alex

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