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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Hello Courtney, 

Depending where you are docked at Island Water World.  

If it is on the “Outside” (by that I mean the slip facing the Lagoon or South-West) then no worries. 

If you are on the “inside” (where I was) so facing the building or fuel dock (oriented North-East), then when you enter the marina, do not motor closed to the dock as it is shallow, despite having dredge it for you when I went (2017), it is better you stay in the middle (or further from the dock).  

In 2017 (pre Hurricane Irma) they loan bicycles, could refill your propane tanks (note it is a mix of butane and propane), had weekly shuttle to Carrefour super market (wonderful)…  

I should be there toward mid or end of Feb through March, possibly longer… 

Hope we meet. I will likely rent cars, so will be glad to give you a tour of the island if you haven't done it yet.  

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Alexandre Rhona sends her best!

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The one in Cole Bay (or Simpson Bay Lagoon)

Here is Rhona email:

If you mention me, that I brought her "chocolate croissant" (then that I lost my boat), she will remember !  Just say you are a friend!

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Hi Alexandre
I found 3 Island Water Worlds in Saint Maarten can you tell me which bay the one you recommend is in?

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Not sure the attachment will show, here are a few pictures post Irma.  
You can see how destroyed what this marina.  
Reminder: Irma was a Category 5 and it was a direct hit.  

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Good to know. I’m surprised they had much damage. The place is down a long canal, and completely surrounded.....


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