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Patrick McAneny

Alan, Thanks for confirming that the toilet should be bonded. My boat did not come with a leak detention device ,wish it had. While eroding zincs is normal ,mine are eroding in about 1/3 the time that is normal. I now believe it is probably the result of the head not being bonded.
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Yes, you should have 3 wires to the motor +24, -24 and bonding (green/yellow)
We have a leak detection switch in the companion way.....not sure if you have can tell you if you have a leak from -ve or +ve to the bonding.
When we have had a leak -ve to bonding, it has always been the head motor that has caused it....proven by disconnecting the bonding wire at the motor, the indicated leak goes away.
Zincs eroding is normal - they should be, as the least noble metal connected to the bonding circuit - if they're not, then you have an issue, as perhaps there is a break in the bonding cct and the zincs are no longer connected....rudder quadrant connection should be checked frequently to ensure that connection si good, if not, it compromises all the bonding on the boat.
Elyse SM437

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