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I agree that if you are at hull speed and there is enough excess power being generated by the sails, that you could reach a point at which the shaft generator is not slowing the boat down. It's the same thing when people run the diesel at much higher RPM than they need to. Once you hit max speed any additional force is just converted to wasted fuel at that point. However at any point where the boat has just enough power to reach hull speed or is below hull speed the prop will diminsh performance.

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YES and NO there is theory and there is practice.... ...on my O461 the boat

IS faster by up to a knot (unless you are at hull speed with plenty of wind)

if you let the prop free wheel and i know this is contrary to scientific

theory...i guess the prop is uneducated. I have discovered that this is the

case on quite a few boats i have sailed too - so this is not a one off


Driving a shaft generator would i 'think' cause more drag - as you dont get

nothing for nothing - and the energy to drive that alternator has to come

from somewhere. However if you have an excess of sail power you 'might' not

see a decrease in boat speed which after all is all that matters. I am

ignoring wear and noise issues (for the pedantic).



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Ettore and Silvana,
You are defying the laws of physics and hydrodynamics if you really think
the shaft alternator does not slow the boat down. In fact the turning
propeller acts almost like a disc. It generated more resistance than it
would if it was stationary. I would use one if it was already installed but
I would not go out of my way to install a speed brake like that. There are
some solutions in the form of a unit that is deployed from the transom. One
of my neighbors used one to and from Hawaii and it generated electricity
quite well.
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Hi David and Hazel,
We use the shaft driven alternator in our Mango with much satisfaction.
No reduction the speed on sailing.
It will give 7/9 amp when running at 7/8 knots.
It don't works down 4 knots.
Very very important: if you have Hurth gearbox or similar, is imperative to
run the motor half our every 12 ours, to lubricate the gearbox because r
shaft running isn't enaugh to lubricate the interior of the gearbox: if the
motor is not on, is easy to break the interior disks of the gearbox.
Now our Mango is independent for the electriciy of Marina: 2 solar panel
and 1 wind generator is perfectly.
With 15/20 wind knots We have cooking the pizza in the electric four at
Ettore & Silvana of Arca di Noè
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Hi All
Due to the charges being imposed by marina operators now for electricity
in the Med I have been considering various options to allow free battery
Our rattly Max Prop needs rebuilding and I was wondering about replacing
it with a standard fixed prop in order to use the propshaft alternator
am concerned about loss of speed and increase in noise when sailing, does
anyone still use their prop driven alternator or has everyone turned to
solar and wind power instead. I understand we would need a 19 inch prop
but am not sure whether the 13 mentioned is inches or degrees of pitch.
Our aft cabin is too noisy to sleep in on passage due to
bearing noise even after replacing the cutless bearing, is this normal?
Also would we go backwards straighter with the Max Prop or a fixed prop?
we don't have a bow thruster
Your opinions would be appreciated
David and Hazel Sharki 148
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